Advantages of the immersed coil heat exchanger


The coiled tube heat exchanger is the heat exchanger with the simplest structure and the most convenient operation in the tube heat exchanger. The coiled-tube heat exchangers are generally classified into two types, immersed and sprayed, according to different heat exchange methods.

(1) Immersed coil heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is mostly formed by bending a metal tube, and is formed into a shape suitable for the container and immersed in the liquid in the container. The two fluids exchange heat in and out of the tube. Several commonly used snake tube shapes.

The immersed coil heat exchanger has the advantages of simple structure, low price, corrosion resistance and high pressure. The disadvantage is that since the volume of the container is much larger than the volume of the coil, the coefficient of the heat transfer film of the fluid outside the tube is small, so it is often necessary to add a stirring device to improve the heat transfer efficiency.

(2) Spray coil heat exchanger. Such heat exchangers are often used to cool hot fluid within the tubes. The coils fixed to the bracket are arranged on the same vertical plane, and the hot fluid enters from the lower tube and flows out from the upper tube. The cooling water is evenly sprayed on the upper coil by the sprinkler above the tube, and is drained down the outer surface of the tube to the surface of the lower coil and finally collected in the bottom of the tube. The device is usually placed in an outdoor air circulation, and when the cooling water is vaporized in the air, part of the heat can be taken away to improve the cooling effect.

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