A plurality of flow paths are formed inside the heat exchanger


The plate heat exchanger consists of a highly efficient heat transfer corrugated sheet and frame. The plate is clamped between the fixed pressing plate and the movable pressing plate by bolts, and a plurality of flow paths are formed inside the heat exchanger, and the plate is sealed with rubber. The crimping plate has a connector for connecting the device to the outside.

The plate is pressed with a high-quality corrosion-resistant metal sheet, and the corners are provided with corner holes for the medium to enter and exit, and there are hanging holes on the upper and lower sides. The herringbone corrugation can increase the disturbance to the fluid, so that the fluid can reach the turbulent state at a low speed and obtain a high heat transfer effect. And a special structure to ensure that the two fluid media will not leak.

The spiral plate heat exchanger is a high efficiency heat exchanger device. It is suitable for chemical, petroleum, solvent, pharmaceutical, food, light industry, textile, metallurgy, steel rolling, coking and other industries. The structural form can be divided into non-removable (I type) spiral plate type and detachable type (II type, III type) spiral plate heat exchanger.


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