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FHC310 has created a new product series with amazing heat exchanging. It has been successfully applied in many different application fields, applied in large screw machine systems and industrial refrigeration systems. FHC310 is a alternative to traditional shell and tube solutions.
  • Specifications
Number of plates

Size weight(kg) Volume(L) Heat exchange area (m2)
A(mm) F1F2side F2F3side
FHC310 n 20+2.85n 31+1.2n 0.650*1/2n 0.650*1/2(n-2) (n-2)0.310

Design pressure(Mpa) 2.5
Testing pressure(Mpa) 3.7
Design temperature(℃)  -196~200
Max flow 150m3/h
Max plate numbers 300
Max connection size 5"
Plate Material SS304
Connection Material SS304
Brazing Material 99.9% pure copper/Steel
Plate type
Connection type Threaded, Solder, Flange
Approval CE, UL, PED, ISO9001, ISO14001
Packing EPE foam,carton or polywood case
Mounting Bracket(Optional) Studs, bracket, feet