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FHC210, pure dual system heat exchanger, is the leading product for gas/liquid applications. It's very successfully used in many different fields. This BPHE can quickly adapt to various situations, and its compact design and high heat exchange operation make FHC210 an alternative to traditional shell and tube solutions.
  • Specifications
Number of plates

Design pressure 4.5 Design pressure ≤3.0 weight(kg) Volume(L) Heat exchange area (m2)
A(mm) A(mm) F1F2side F2F3side
FHC210 n 17+2.85n 13+2.85n 13+0.82n 0.40*1/2n 0.40*1/2(n-2) (n-2)0.210

Design pressure(Mpa) 2.5 / 3.0
Testing pressure(Mpa) 3.7 / 4.5
Design temperature(℃)  -196~200
Max flow 105m3/h
Max plate numbers 250
Max connection size 4" 
Plate Material SS304/SS316
Connection Material SS304
Brazing Material 99.9% pure copper/Steel
Plate type
Distributor Q
Connection type Threaded, Solder, Flange
Approval CE, UL, PED, ISO9001, ISO14001
Packing EPE foam,carton or polywood case
Mounting Bracket(Optional) Studs, bracket, feet